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The surveyor is responsible for maintaining the section corners in the county. The obligation of the Surveyor’s Office to the people of this county is addressed in Indiana Code, Title 36, Article 2, Chapter 12, Sections 1-15 (IC 36-2-12). View Indiana Code IC 36-2-12.

What We Do

  • Oversee all section corners throughout the county
  • Maintain an archive of all recorded surveys
  • Maintain an archive of all legal surveys
  • Maintain County GIS map 
  • Assist other county offices maintaining property records


Every deed, parcel, and legal land document in the State of Indiana is tied into the original survey performed in the early years of settlement. Section corners were set to mark each square mile of the State. In order to prevent gaps and overlaps of land ownership it is of the upmost importance that these markers are maintained. The County Surveyor’s Office does not conduct individual private land surveys.

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Martin County Surveyor’s Office

Nathan Hoffman, Surveyor
P: 812-247-4000
Hours: 8am-4pm

Kyle Turpin, Deputy Surveyor