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The Coroner’s responsibility is to investigate the death of any person in his or her County, that has died of: (1) violence (2) died by casualty (3) has died while in apparent good health (4) has died in an apparently suspicious, unusual, or unnatural manner or (5) has been found dead.

The Coroner shall notify a Law Enforcement Agency having jurisdiction in the area, and the Law Enforcement Agency shall assist the Coroner in conducting the investigation of how the person died and a medical investigation of the cause and manner of death.

Cause of death is the final factor or event that happened to the deceased.

Manner of death is descriptive grouping and is universally accepted knowledge of how people die. The group of possibilities are: (A) Homicide (B) Suicide (C) Accident (D) Natural (E) Undetermined.

All Coroners and Deputy Coroners must attend and pass the Medicolegal Death Investigation Training course provided by the Indiana State Coroners Training Board.

Martin County Coroners

Cathy Evans, Martin County Coroner
Martin County Courthouse
129 Main St.
Shoals, IN 47581
P: (812) 709-0630

Jim Hamby, Chief Deputy Coroner
P: (812) 709-1086