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The three-member Martin County Board of Commissioners serves as both the executive and legislative branches of Martin County government.

What We Do

  • Receive bids for projects and services
  • Authorize all claims on County budgets
  • Establish ordinances
  • Control, maintain, and supervise county property
  • Oversee the operations of the County Highway Garage in regards to construction and maintenance of roads and bridges
  • Develop economic development programs to attract and retain jobs in the county
  • Maintain county employee benefits and policy
  • Receive bids and authorize contracts
  • Exercise appointing powers including both the selection of members to fill positions on
    • Boards
    • Commissions and committees
    • Appoint certain department heads

Martin County Board of Commissioners

Paul George, President
P: (812) 653-2771

Dan Gregory
P: (812) 631-2635

Kevin Boyd
P: (812) 444-9825